Corporate and Financial Structure



Following a management buy out in March 2008, the group received an initial investment of £12m in the form of £6m structured debt finance from Lloyds Banking Group and £6m of investment from London based private equity firm, Elysian Capital, who have a 79% controlling interest in the Group, with the senior management team owning 21% of the share capital of the business. The group also has £2.75m of ancillary banking facilities with Lloyds Banking Group to support working capital requirements.

This strong backing has enabled the group to invest in quality assets, people and infrastructure. To support the buy and build strategy, the group has received a further £6m of investment from Elysian Capital over the past few years, to complete a number of strategic acquisitions, acquiring established businesses with great people to ensure the group continues to succeed. 

The group continues to have a strong cash flow generation that ensures we continue to repay our short term commitments. We believe in having an open approach when it comes to financial performance and unlike many other private organisations, we make our financial results available on our website for all interested parties to read.

Whilst the trading entities continue to operate in respect of legal and statutory reporting, the group trades under the brand of The Landscape Group (“TLG”) because we operate as one single business. With few exceptions, this ensures that our offering to clients, suppliers, lenders and other institutions remains consistent throughout.

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