Grass Cutting Services

With over 50% of our business associated with grass cutting, investment in both staff and machinery is key to maintaining efficiency and cost effectiveness.  Far from letting it grow under our feet  we are constantly evaluating new equipment and techniques for grass mowing of all types which give the greatest operational flexibility,  maximise operator productivity, and makes best use of expensive prime movers and the latest multi-functional equipment. Looking to the future, we’re going to increase our use of GPS and field mapping technology to improve wide area mowing efficiency, operator productivity and provide clients with accurate data on areas mown.  We know that we need to meet and exceed the expectations of the local community.

We like to work closely with manufacturers to develop more innovative and weather-flexible ways of maintaining grass.  We also think it’s important to involve staff and clients alike in prototype trials so all parties benefit from ‘sharp end’ input at the development stage.   Whilst every effort is made to get the right machine for the job this is not always readily available.  Our links with manufacturers ensure a

proactive response to any problems and have in the past resulted in bespoke solutions to specific site problems.

With the safe mowing of slopes and banks high on the duty of care agenda, specific attention is given to the specification of machinery which is undertaken in conjunction with the contract stakeholders and the company QHSE manager. Every effort is made to reduce the amount of pedestrian operations on slopes through the use of remote control banks mowers.  Where angles and access allow, bespoke tool carriers are employed whose multifunctional configuration allows them to undertake a variety of other tasks with the same operator.

The tool carrier principle is not a new concept as it’s been used extensively for many years on the continent in amenity horticulture.  We believe that in today’s environment of ever-tightening budgets and increasingly demanding specifications there is a place for this unique machine which will give our contracts the flexibility of coping with seasonal mowing demands whilst allowing the same machine and operator to undertake a variety of other tasks from hedge cutting to snow clearing.

When specifying equipment for a specific contract or client we consider a variety of criteria.  Our aim is to provide a locally-focussed service with excellent national support.  This support gives our green space managers an up-to-date and operationally efficient complement of equipment together with practices that maintain and improve standards.

It’s The Landscape Group’s policy to supply new equipment for the start of all contracts from suppliers with proven track records in after-sales support specific to our industry.  This spreads the risk should there be a product failure or unforeseen recall and it also maintains competitiveness and ensures the best product for the task.

Whilst innovation and machine development increases productivity and utilisation, it must work hand in hand with health and safety, changing legislation and vehicle compliance.  This has resulted in the construction of bespoke machinery transporters and localised solutions in the use of agricultural tractors for wide area mowing, general maintenance operations and logistics.

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