The Landscape Group has a very long track record of successfully designing, planting and maintaining horticultural displays and features; we have, after all, been ‘keeping it green since 1919’.

It is no accident that some of our longest established public sectors customers are local authorities where first class amenity horticulture provision is not merely nice to have but an essential factor in securing the economic prosperity of the area. 

We take care of the floral displays in the north-west resorts of Southport and Formby, in the southern towns of Dover, Eastbourne, Southsea, Portsmouth and Bournemouth; in Weston-super-Mare and Bristol in the south-west; and further inland in the towns of East Staffordshire, the Fenlands and Coventry City Centre.  These towns have one thing in common - their floral displays are a defining factor in their unique identity, and often, according to customer feedback, the reason why visitors come back time and again.

The nature of the horticulture services provided by The Landscape Group is

just as varied as our geographical spread. We are responsible for the care of the longest remaining herbaceous border in the UK (Rotten Row in Southport) and for the design, implementation and maintenance of many award winning carpet bedding displays around the country.  At the same time, we are conscious of the fact that for the majority of our clients their horticultural aspirations for their area may not be matched by the available budget.  In these circumstances, we work closely with our clients to ensure that every penny is well spent and the maximum amenity value is extracted from the funding available.

The Landscape Group is also proud of its track record as a service provider, supporter and facilitator for clients and local groups in the Britain in Bloom awards since their inception in 1963.  We believe that we help more clients and Britain in Bloom groups to gain awards than any other organisation in the UK.  We are also delighted to take this further afield next year with the invitation for our client Bristol City Council to enter Entente Florale Europe in 2012.

All of this success in horticulture is down to our people on the ground; their commitment to amenity horticulture and also to The Landscape Group’s commitment to horticultural skills training.  Our commitment to horticultural skills is demonstrated at many levels within our organisation.  We run our amenity horticulture apprenticeship scheme on all of our green contracts and have a policy of ‘up-skilling’ throughout the work force.  Last year over 50 of our colleagues gained NVQ qualifications in amenity horticulture.  At the management and specialist level our graduate trainee scheme positively promotes participation by horticulture graduates and, at what we prefer to call ‘the more mature’ end of the scale, our senior management team (25 in total) has a combined 350 years experience in the UK horticulture industry.

So, not only have we been ‘keeping it green since 1919’ but also yellow, blue, red, white, purple, black, orange, pink................

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