Picus Tomograph for Dorset County Council

Recently Dorset County Council's Tree Officer required Banyards' Picus Sonic Tomograph equipment to survey one of the three largest and oldest Cedar trees in the country. The tree's girth at the base is 11.6 metres.

Because of the size of the tree three Picus Tomographs were required –

Dorset County Council's, Banyards' and one supplied by Fujikura who also had a technician on site during the process. Using a total of 30 sensors around the tree (the largest number used on a single tree survey), readings were taken at 20cm above ground level, 50cm, 270cm and 520cm. Banyards provided a tree surgeon climber to attach the

sensors for the final two readings.

This survey is an excellent demonstration of the benefits of Partnership working and Banyards’ ability to provide Dorset County Council with the resources of a large private sector contractor.


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