Virtually all the waste material from our tree surgery and landscaping divisions is recycled at our Nettletree Farm head office premises near Three Legged Cross.

As a result we produce the following products for re-use by our customers:

  • Wood chip
  • Compost
  • Amenity mulch
  • Trade mulch
  • Logs
  • Timber lengths


All waste is processed on site using modern chipping and mulching equipment, then stored and matured in large purpose-built bays constructed on a sealed concrete pad - ready for use on shrub beds and planting schemes for our customers.

Banyards has held a Waste Disposal Licence from Dorset County Council since 1993 to recycle clean green waste and timber at Nettletree Farm. In 1996 we won an Environmental Improvement Award from the East Dorset Heritage Trust for the company's dedication to recycling. And we also hold a current Waste Carrier's Certificate issued by the Environment Agency. Banyards is interested and keen to develop our recycled products for use in BIOMASS heating systems, as a sustainable resource reducing carbon emissions into the environment. We are currently in discussions with customers to supply material to heat a new school, nursing home and plant nursery. Grants are available for the installation of heating boilers and we would be happy to discuss how we can help you.


Recycling Equipment


Zago 'Eurogreen' Mulching Machine
The Eurogreen speeds up the shredding of green waste prior to composting. It is capable of converting up to 40 cubic metres of green waste to approximately five cubic metres of shredded material in 30-40 minutes. Because it is tractor mounted it is the ideal machinery to take onto sites where customers are happy to retain the processed material for composting.

PowerScreen Commando
The Commando further improves the quality of our mulch and soil improving compost.   
Hakki Pilke Log Splitter
The Pilke processes hardwood from felling operations - in our opinion the most environmentally sound way to re-use timber from trees that are felled due to poor physical condition and potential health and safety concerns.