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Sarah Hughes-Clarke - Business Development Director



When not slaving over a hot tender, Sarah is mad keen on birds and wildlife and can think of nothing better than being knee-deep in mud behind a pair of binoculars (provided, of course that a hot bath and a Bloody Mary aren’t that far away).


Sarah leads the 9-strong team of business development professionals at The Landscape Group and is responsible overall for the selection of contracts to pursue, our bidding strategy, and the quality and ultimate success of our proposals.

Working to tight deadlines is part of the day job.  The Landscape Group submits around 6 construction tenders each week, and 4 to 8 term maintenance contracts every month – so a structured and organised approach is essential.  Also essential is a full understanding of each client’s requirements, which in today’s climate of shrinking budgets and localism includes resource flexibility and community engagement.


Sarah has spent all her working life at the interface of the private and public sectors.  She started work in the private sector when CCT (Compulsory Competitive Tendering) was in its infancy, tendering and winning grounds maintenance contracts.  She then moved on to work for a publicly funded research body (Horticulture Research International) securing private sector funding for research and technology projects.  Sarah returned to the private sector to head up a PFI consultancy operating largely in the leisure management sector, and requiring the complex management of large bidding consortia.  Her last post before joining The Landscape Group was at Natural England, managing an early stage commercialisation project that required (and received) Secretary of State Approval.  Having worked in both public and private sectors in business development, Sarah is very well placed to interpret clients’ needs and has first-hand experience of the complexities of public sector procurement.


PRINCE2 Practitioner in Project Management
Institute of Directors Diploma in Company Direction
MSc Ecology
BSc Agriculture

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