London Borough of Bromley

The London Borough of Bromley is London’s largest and greenest borough. Within its 59 square miles it is home to around 300,000 people who for the most part live in the northern half of the borough with the southern half largely comprising of green belt land.

With over 100 parks and open spaces, almost 30 schools, 15 cemeteries, 10 libraries and at the height of the season 1.1 million square metres of grass verge to cut every two weeks making  this is one of the company’s largest contracts employing around 115 staff in summer and 75 in winter. In addition to the grass, we plant approximately 273,000 bedding plants twice a year, maintain 112,500 linear metres of hedgerow and keep 360 dog  and 750 litter bins empty all year round.

We also perform line marking duties in school playgrounds and the pitches in school fields and recreation grounds across the borough, liaising with the site caretakers and local sports groups and Trusts to prepare their grounds for the various sporting activities and other events that take place throughout the year.

In addition to the grounds maintenance we also manage the full cemetery service for the council.  Kim Henderson uses her years of experience in to manage and keeping all grave records, conduct searches for the public as well as the control the actual grave digging and internments.

The Priory Gardens in Orpington has an ornamental garden and ponds, is home to a medieval ‘hall house’ containing the Bromley Museum and is the source of the River Cray.

It sits behind the busy Orpington High Street and offers locals duck filled ponds, a walled garden and large open space in the centre for picnics and games with a wooded walk around the edge for dog walkers. Our team here led my Mark Holman have  8.5 acres of grass to cut weekly, 700 square metres of herbaceous border as well as roses, 14,300 bedding plants  to maintain we also ensure that we litter pick and empty the bins daily to ensure that this central 

park is kept up to the standard befitting  the town centre.

Crystal Palace Park, at 89 hectares, is the largest park in Bromley and forms the north western most boundary of the borough bordering Croydon, Lambeth, Southwark and Lewisham. Once home to the Crystal Palace after it’s relocation from Hyde Park in 1854 after the Great Exhibition and before its tragic destruction by fire in 1936, the grounds now include open grassland and woodland crisscrossed by paths traversing the hills and terraces among which you will find the famous dinosaur sculptures by Benjamin Waterhouse Hawkins. Installed when the Crystal palace was relocated they were the first life-size depictions of the then newly discovered species.

Our small dedicated team led by Pat Nicholls in the park plant 26,700 bedding plants in the spring and again in the autumn with the rest of their time spent looking after 23,600 square metres of shrubbery, 5,600 square metres of herbaceous borders, 100 metres of rose beds and various other features such as ornamental grasses and hanging baskets across this vast site. In addition they also perform the routine tasks of sweeping the paths, emptying the bins and litter picking to ensure that this heavily used park is kept tidy.

One final consideration here is that there is also 38 acres of grass to be cut by ride on mower and another 22 acres to be cut by one of our tractor mounted gang mowers every week during the season.

Our team also work with a number of volunteering and educational groups here such as Capel Manor College, Branching Out as well as a number of friends groups so that local people can fully engage with our staff and the park. 

Kelsey Park in Beckenham is Bromley’s flagship park. Containing a large lake in the centre, home to various waterfowl including Herons and Canada Geese, this 32 hectare park includes woodland as well as an ornamental pleasure ground whose primary feature 

is a 1,570 square metre herbaceous border around a fine lawn popular in summer as a picnic spot.

The team, led by Bernie Doherty, take care of 490 metres of flower bed, 540 metres of ornamental rockeries, 370 metres of rose beds and almost 10,000 square metres of shrubbery; all in need of constant maintenance to keep this park at the high standard demanded by the local residents, visitors and the active friends group. The park also features a children’s playground and crazy golf course with an adjacent cafe to cater to all those in need of refreshment.

Croydon Road Recreation Ground is one of the borough’s most active parks with 3 football pitches, a bowls club, 6 tennis courts, a basketball practice area, a cafe and a children’s play area with a paddling pool. Despite not being an ornamental garden there are still a lot of horticultural tasks to keep our gardeners busy with 8,000 square metres of shrubbery and over almost 1,500 square metres of rose bed needing constant attention. We also employ one of our gang mowers every two weeks during the growing season to cut the park’s 8.5 acres of open grass in addition to another 5 acres of smaller areas that require the attention of our smaller ride on mowers every week.

Church House Gardens is right in the heart of Bromley and a popular place for people to have their lunch in the summer and have relaxing walk around the winding pathways through trees and over the small bridge over the lake all year round. The facilities in the park include two children’s playgrounds, tennis courts and a skateboarding area. In addition there is also a sand pit which is very popular in the summer.  

The team led by George Gibbons and ably supported by Terry Hollidge  plant 17,000 bedding plants twice a year and maintain 8,500 square metres of shrubbery, 920 metres of rose beds and 420 square metres of herbaceous border as well as keeping paths clear, bins empty and lawns free of litter.

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