Why Banyards?

You might be a Local Authority, school, Parish Council, a Blue Chip company or Mr & Mrs Smith of Acacia Avenue - but when you choose a contractor you want to be reassured on a number of counts - safety, expertise, professionalism and a fair price for a job well done. You’ve come to the right company.

Banyards is fully accredited by (and accountable to) the Arboricultural Association and the British Association of Landscape Industries (representing exterior/interior landscapers and garden designers).

We are also Exor-approved contractors at 'Gold' level, enabling Local Authorities to invite us to tender without having to first verify our professional credentials. This saves time, money and unnecessary effort.


Value for Money

A fair price for a job well done; that's our promise. We may not always be the cheapest (that’s because motivated, well-trained staff with modern equipment and quality materials come at a price) but our price will always be fair.



Our operations are carried out to meet all Health & Safety legislation and our staff use appropriate protective equipment. We carry out regular risk assessments and audits, and external verifiers assess our procedures and equipment.



Banyards is an ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001 Quality Assured company and we have 'Investor in People' status. So you can be guaranteed that we run our business in a professional, customer-focused way and that we train all our staff to provide you with a completely efficient service from start to finish.



Each of Banyards' four divisions is staffed by personnel who are fully-qualified in their specific disciplines. With such a breadth of expertise throughout the company we are able to offer a complete, seamless service without you needing to approach several different companies.



Banyards is fully committed to protecting the environment. We work in and on the landscape and are better placed than most to witness the damage that results from man's insensitivity to his surroundings.

All Banyards staff, from operatives to directors, are determined to ensure the company's operations do not threaten the environment and we have enshrined this ethos both in our Mission Statement and in our Environmental Policy Statement. In 2000 Banyards gained ISO 14001 accreditation and all contracts are undertaken on the understanding that, wherever possible, our teams will work in such a way as to reduce waste, recycle wherever possible and limit pollution by minimising vehicle journeys.